Frequently Asked Questions

As a homeowner, how can I recognize when my roof needs to be replaced?



Roofing problems are usually noticed after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Generally, it is important to have inspections once a year or after a major storm. By doing so, you will be able to uncover cracks, missing shingles, accumulation in gutters along with other visible signs within the roof system. That being said, if you see bubbles in your ceiling or cracked paint indoors, most likely you have a leak coming through your roof. We recommend you to go to the attic with a flashlight during or right after a heavy rain in order to confirm water damage.  Keep in mind, it is important to be careful not to step through the ceiling. 

If I discover my roof is leaking, does my entire roof need to be replaced?


  If you discover a roof leak, this is a problem that cannot be ignored, however, it does not necessarily mean that your roof needs to be replaced. Leaks can be a result of minor causes, such as flashings coming loose or simply shingles that have been damaged or blown off. If you address it immediately, these issues may be resolved by repairs. If ignored, a minor leak may grow into a major problem, that may only be resolved by replacing your entire roof. 

Can I do the work myself?


  It is of high importance for you NOT to do the job yourself. You can damage your roof system by using improper roofing techniques. Most importantly, you can severely injure yourself by falling off or even going through the roof. Sunrise Roofing is a professional roofing contractor that are trained to safely and efficiently repair or replace your roof system.